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Ask A Rapper: Big Body Click's Harole Wayne da Cande Man on... RAPPER SEX TAPES

The hip-hop world is a less than sensible place -lots of times, you're even required to clarify when bad means bad and when bad means good- so once a week we're going to get with a rapper and ask them to explain things. Have something you always wanted to ask a rapper? Email it to

This Week's Rapper: Harole Wayne da Cande Man

This Week's Subject(s): Rapper Sex Tapes

Ask A Rapper: You know what we want to talk about? Rapper sex tapes. Why are there so many? Eve has one, Foxy Brown, R. Kelly, that one guy that did an interview while he was having sex, Kim Khardashian. She's not a rapper, but she probably listens to it.

Harole Wayne da Cande Man [laughs]: You know what I'm saying, it's like, all publicity is good publicity. With a sex tape, that's more exposure. Your career can go to the next level. We done seen it happen too many times. It's just another outlet to get yourself seen and heard and that's all its all about.

AAR: Do you have one? Is there a Cande Man sex tape for sale at some corner store in Houston? You could have some sort of candy-themed name. That might be fly.

HW: Nah, playboy, I don't got one. Not yet, you know what I'm saying? [laughs] Until I can get Beyonce on camera, ya'll probably won't get one of me.

AAR [laughs]: Okay, so let's say this: You're in the Galleria and you see someone that looks just like Beyonce, we mean EXACTLY like her, there is no discernible difference. So you talk to her and she agrees to film a sex tape with you. But there's a catch: Her boyfriend, who happens to look exactly like Jay-Z, we mean EXACTLY like him, has to be involved too. It will be a three-way tape starring you, pseudo-Beyonce and pseudo Jay-Z. Is that going to happen? Will we see a tape then?

HW: Well, let me tell you, fool. It just depends. [laughs] If we gon' both smash, then yeah, it's going down. If we gon' choo-choo, then hell yeah. But I don't wanna touch him, I don't want him to touch me. I'm not with that funny booty shit. If it's like that, no funny booty shit, hell yeah, that bitch is bad.

AAR [laughs]: Great.

HW: Back to the point, the sex tapes, that's underground. You can't put it on TV or on the radio. People have to go get it. If you think about it, that's how rap started, in the underground. You had to go get it, it wasn't just out there. That's what keeps rap going, the raw, the new, the hood. Rap always starts in the hood. It does for me, anyway.

AAR: You're out there hustling every day, have you ever come across a sex tape for a Houston rapper?

HWdCM: I seen Ashanti's, Eve... what's that fine girl name? Kim Khardashian? I seen hers. I haven't seen any Southern rappers now that I think about it. Houston rappers? No. I believe, me, personally, all these rappers that's hard, that's out here doing all this rap shit, we was raised in the church. For my mama or my auntie, it wouldn't fly like [it would for] someone from New York or L.A. We still have that Southern hospitality. It's about respect. My mama, my grandmamma, my auntie? Nah. It wouldn't fly.

AAR: Have you heard of any out there?

HW: I really don't know. I know, like, it's some floating around of [Houston] rappers, but they didn't make them. The girls set 'em up. I don't think Houston niggas is down for that. I heard there was one of Mike Jones.

AAR: That would be weird to watch.

HW [laughs]: Right.

You can purchase any of the Big Body Click's albums via their Web site. You can also find Cande Man online. Sorry, no sex tapes.

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