Free Press Summer Fest

Big Freedia: The Queen Diva of Bounce Music

Hip-hop, like any other form of music, is subject to localization. Different cities have different scenes with different sounds and different superstars. These scenes go largely underappreciated in the mainstream until a local hero makes good or the sound becomes too big to ignore.

Like the San Francisco Bay's hyphy and Houston's chopped and screwed, New Orleans has its own brand of localized hip-hop. It should come as no surprise that the style is characterized by many of the things we typically associate with that city, plus Mardi Gras: Call-and-response shouting, fast beats and a big emphasis on sexy dancing. When you see the amount of ass-shaking going on, you start to get an idea of why they call it bounce music.

This weekend bounce returns to Houston via Free Press Summer Fest. And while producers like Diplo incorporate bounce into their sonic palette, there is one artist performing this weekend who flies the banner of bounce higher than anyone else: the Queen Diva of Bounce, Big Freedia.

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