Billy Gibbons Tells an Awful Blonde Joke: Video and Pictures from ZZ Top's DVD Release Party

Last night ZZ Top atoned somewhat for recording their new Live from Texas DVD in Dallas - hometown of Dusty Hill and Frank Beard, but it still stings, OK? - by donating the "poodle" guitars from their iconic "Legs" video to the Hard Rock Cafe's memorabilia collection. Billy Gibbons also told one of the most horrible blonde jokes I've ever heard. (Apologies for the "experimental" camerawork - the photo pit was as elbow-to-elbow as the rest of the room.)

video by Chris Gray

Press club listings editor Brett Koshkin told me something much funnier: One of his friends worked the graveyard shift at a Memorial-area Jack in the Box, where Gibbons was a nightly customer. "He'd pull up in this pimped-out Ford Festiva and order two Ultimate Cheeseburgers," Koshkin said. "One for him and one for his dog."

Live from Texas comes out today, but here's some Top that actually was filmed in Houston:

Cactus Music/Record Ranch owner Quinn Bishop, who was there selling early-bird DVDs and various Cactus merch, shares some ZZ Top experiences in our special "Shadowplay" interview segment. I didn't mean to shout, but "Gimme All Your Lovin'" was really, really loud. The Hard Rock's sound system would make George Lucas jealous.

video by Chris Gray

A bunch of still photos from last night after the jump. - Chris Gray

"First Come First Serve..."

The recommended mode of travel for driving while blind...

Remember when this is what "grill" used to mean?

Still packing 'em in after nearly 40 years...

Party on the Patio!

VIPs do the "Tube Snake Boogie."

An autographed bass from Sting. Tantric sex guide not included.

Party Out of Bounds: Fred Schneider's jacket, autographed by the B-52's.

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