Catching Up With Kickback Sunday's Raw Talent Crew

Last week, we pushed a story about SF2's weekly Kickback Sundays event and its Raw Talent showcase. As long as the series was, certain things got left out on the cutting-room floor. Here are a few odds and ends since the conclusion of Kickback's season 2.


The Bizarre Ride Of Kickback Sundays, Pt. 4

Above is the official recap from Raw Talent, just in case you don't believe my words about how well the show went despite problems with the City of Houston, Warehouse Live at times and a crowd anxious to see their favorite on-the-rise artist.

E.T.'s "I Be On" is arguably the best single crafted by anyone from Raw Talent. Matter of fact, it's leapfrogged like 20 Houston rap songs to place itself in the Top 10 of the year. It samples Doughbeezy (he's performing at the CAR SHOW), Pimp C and carries some of the snazziest Roger Troutman synths from Johnny Juliano ever.

Did you know C.I.T.Y. opened up for RZA? And kicked ass while doing so? Did you know Young G opened up for Big K.R.I.T.. when he came down a couple of weeks ago? Yeah, these kids are starting to uppercut the competition like that bus driver.

Lyric has a brand new video out for her new single "Doubt." It's pretty damn good storytelling from her not to mention she makes plenty of those stand alone, ponder about life and all of its complexities faces.

Somehow, Luke Duke made his way to Atlanta and charmed the pants off of a few women before continuing his now-classic "Who The Fuck Is That White Boy" mantra for Atlanta's A3C hip-hop festival. Sadly, he didn't bum-rush a stage and try to outrap everyone with a pulse.

That would have not only been a sight to see, it would have maybe marked the first time since last January someone was choked on a big stage (oh, hello Matt Ryan).

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