Common Social Media Mistakes Musicians Make

As we speak, Rocks Off is going through the concert listings one by one looking for something of interest for which to write amusing articles laced with the finest penis jokes. "What, ho?" says we. "This band Indiginis has a capricious moniker. Undoubtedly their music is equally full of whimsy and sly character. We shall find them and exhibit them for the Houston masses in celebration of their show tonight at Fitzgerald's."

No, actually we won't.

We tried, we really did, but Indiginis is guilty of a multitude of sins that, frankly, make them not worth the effort that it requires for Rocks Off to interview them, or listen to a single note of their music. These sins are sadly committed by many of our own hometown heroes as well as the touring acts - who are being triply stupid by adding traveling costs to their failure to abide by common sense.

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