Craig's Hlist: Our Favorite "Black" Bands

This is a hlist of our favorite bands with black names, not a sick racist joke, though have you heard the one about the balding Czech-Mex music blogger who had the best intentions in writing a weekly playlist and had to re-explain the premise of this one at least three times? It's not funny anyway...

While we were driving home the other night from the record store, we realized that almost every single band we had in our current selection of music in the car had the word "black" in their name. It's almost as bad as the great Wolf scare in 2007 we went through.

The period from 2003 to 2004 was especially grim, where all the bands we liked had either skull, cobra, or death in their moniker. Chances are good that if your band was called Black Snake Death in 2004, we would have owned all three of your tour shirts, all your albums, EP's, vinyl, and had distinct plans to get a tattoo of your logo on our body somewhere.

The fact remains that black bands make the coolest, dirtiest, and darkest music, no pun intended. Using the word in your name evokes a feeling of effortless danger, sexiness, and well, leather of some sort. Black Donut. Black Stapler. Black Target Circular. Maybe that's just Craig's Hlist though, and maybe we are just naming stuff on our desk.

...And The Rest

Black Crowes

Black Milk

Black Ryder

Black Kids

Black Moth Super Rainbow

Black Eyed Peas (shudder)

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Craig Hlavaty
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