Die Antwoord's "Evil Boy": More Disturbing Than Gaga?

Wednesday, Rocks Off came across the full length video for Die Antwoord's new song, "Evil Boy," which makes Lady Gaga seem like Celine Dion. The South African hip-hop trio is poised to break big, if not majorly weird, over the next few months with their album 5.

Rapping in part English and part Afrikaans, Die Antwoord is like listening to hip-hop from a demented alternate universe. Flows sound scarier, merely with their accents at play. Made up of Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek, the band's name translates into "the answer." When you ask Ninja what they are the answer to, he will say "Whatever. Fuck."

If you don't like random erections, wooden erections, talking breasts, breasts with no nipples, words that aren't English, mud, grime, gold lame pants, clean and strong peni, machetes, more erections, jackets made of rats, monsters with erections, questionable facial hair, and prostitution, don't watch this video.

Just click on another video about kitties or something. You don't want none of this.

If you're headed to this weekend's Austin City Limits festivities, Die Antwoord plays the Austin Music Hall tonight with superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold.

Now that you've been warned...

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