Digital Chaos: 8 Experiments In Wub Machine Remixing

Contrary to what they want you to think, Diddy his crew at Bad Boy did not invent the remix. If you really wanted to meet the people who first made dance remixes you'd have to go back a bit further in music history, to the land of the mid-'70s. In sweaty discos across the land people were looping songs the old fashioned way, probably unaware that their experiments in tape editing were one day going to be big business.

What was true then is true now: people love remixes. Go to YouTube and type in your favorite song of the moment and add the word "dubstep" to the end; there's a good chance you'll find a version of that track given the Skrillex treatment. (You mean you never thought "Call Me Maybe" needed to be heavier?)

Remixes take a certain amount of time and musical ability. Luckily for us lacking both of those things, an enterprising programmer by the name of Peter Sobot created a Web app that will give all of us the chance to become dance remix superstars. He calls it the Wub Machine.

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