Dying Fetus: "We Are Dead Serious"

It's a well-known fact that most band names are essentially gobbledygook, but here at Rocks Off we're trying hard to find meaning in the oddest monikers.

The following report was arrived at the Houston Press office by mail earlier this week. The box contained an audio recording on cassette wrapped in an old McDonald's bag, as well as several mysterious stains, a stuffed koala, and a Bible missing the Book of Leviticus.

Jef With One F (Comparisons to previous audio recordings confirms identity): Where did you pick up the name Dying Fetus?

Voice (Believed to be Dying Fetus drummer Trey Williams): "The name was chosen because it sounded horrid and despicable.

JWOF: What does Dying Fetus mean to you?

TW: Its our identity. This is what makes stand out.

JWOF: Dying doesn't mean dead... is there still hope?

TW: If you just look at the two words that make out band name individually they do not offend, but together it brings out a feeling in most people that is described as disgust. But we don't have problems with babies. Maybe the child will live, but aren't we all just dying after our birth?

JWOF: Dying Fetus is an anagram for "It's Edgy Fun." Are you guys just having a laugh?

TW: If you look at our material, do you see us laughing? No. We are dead serious about our music.

There follows strange mechanical sounds, then silence.


Dying Fetus (n) 1. A terminaly ill baby. 2. Blacker-than-black metal. 3. Seriously, has anyone seen Jef lately?

Dying Fetus plays tonight at Scout Bar with Six Feet Under, Revocation, Owl Witch, and, All The Way To The Bank.

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