Fights! Musicians Mixing It Up

Earlier this month, Craig's Hlist witnessed no fewer than four fights during Limp Bizkit's Buzzfest set while covering the day-long festival of titties and beer. Funnily enough, those are the two (three?) things on Earth that are most likely to start fights. You drink too much of one and fight over who looked at the pair that you are dating, or you get sad and drink in a corner thinking about the pair you lost. It's a vicious but hilarious cycle.

Over the past decade we have seen plenty of fights at concerts. We may have been involved in the beginnings of a few, or been stopped from starting one at Kings of Leon's most recent Houston show at Toyota Center (sorry, Monica). Most of the time, though, we sit and laugh at the fights that are happening around us. People don't really know how childish and trashy they look having it out in a public place. We wish would throw ice cream at them. Try fighting with Rocky Road all over your face, broseph.

We found five fights on YouTube featuring our favorite rockers, and one from one of our favorite rock documentaries of all time. If you have a prima donna in your band, make them watch Dig! and you will clear that shit up right quick, we promise.

Keith Richards: We can fully understand being hyped enough at a Stones show to feel the need to rush the stage. But one must also understand that Keith Richards sees that stage as his and his band's stage. It's no wonder that Keef went after this unfortunate soul with his axe. Even if he hated Mick at the time (as he is wont to do), he still guarded him with his life.

Henry Rollins: This isn't even a clip from when Hank was beefed-up, it's actually from later period Black Flag when the band subsisted on peanut butter and cold cuts on the hardcore circuit. Yeah, good call trying to slap the mike out of Hank's hand.

Danzig: We weren't privy to the argument contained herein, but as you will clearly see, Glenn Danzig pushes the lead singer of North Side Kings, Danny Marianinho, first before the towering frontman punches Evil Elvis to the ground. When we first saw this video in 2004, we sort of felt bad for Danzig, fighting someone almost a foot taller than him. But you have admire the little guy's moxie, just like when our younger brother fought us even when he was six years behind us.

Kurt Cobain: Kurt Cobain kind of deserved this one, if you really think on it for a bit. Surly club security don't cotton to much chicanery, especially if you are still an upcoming buzz band that wasn't the monolithic grunge act we all see Nirvana as now. Cobain was merely a bratty blonde trying to cause a scene. Now the guy probably brags about the night he punched the late King of Grunge in the face. [Ed. Note: See here for another Cobain-security dust-up.]

Brian Jonestown Massacre: This is a clip from Dig!, the 2005 film that documented the separate trajectories of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols. BJM singer Anton Newcombe isn't the most stable personality in the world, and even today you can see him wielding guns on his MySpace account (remember MySpace?). This is a clip of him fighting nearly everyone in the music venue, which was par the course for being in BJM back in the '90s.

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Craig Hlavaty
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