Future and Meek Mill Bring Legendary Nights to The Woodlands

Meek Mill and Future share the stage at the Cynthia Mitchell Woods Pavilion
Meek Mill and Future share the stage at the Cynthia Mitchell Woods Pavilion Photo by David "Odiwams" Wright
Houston y’all gotta turn up! This the last night of the tour!” yelled Meek Mill as he walked across the stage to stand alongside Future. A crumbling statute of Meek Mill’s face slowly turned on the screen behind the two artists. Meek, dressed in all black, wore chains with the faces of friends and contemporaries like Lil Snupe and Nipsy Hustle. Future, donned a vintage Public Enemy shirt with the group’s second album It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back. Flames shot up in the air around them as “Stick Talk” flooded the arena and audience members jumped to their feet. The two kept up the energy as Future began "Wicked" and then quickly segued into Meek’s "Uptown Vibes."

Future and Meek Mill have been at the forefront of the last decade of Hip Hop. Meek, the battle rapper from Philadelphia, rose to prominence with his Dreamchasers imprint and his work with Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group. Since the release of his debut album Meek Mill has also become one of the prominent voices highlighting the inadequacies with the justice system, most recently releasing Free Meek, a docu-series on Amazon that highlights his own run-ins with the court system.

Future, the Atlanta MC who started out with the Dungeon Family has been releasing music at a frenzied pace, dropping seven studio albums since his debut, Pluto, along with a sting of collaborative Mixtapes with notables like Drake, Young Thug, Zaytoven, Juice Wrld, and Gucci Mane. The two joined forces Sunday night at Cynthia Mitchell Woods Pavilion for their Legendary Nights tour, a 24-city event which brought Meek and Future along with YG, Mustard, and Houston’s own Megan Thee Stallion across the country.

The two spent the evening taking turns running through their hits, sometimes sharing the stage together and other times rocking the stage solo. Audience members screamed as the DJ cued up song after song as the two walked among the flames. 

click to enlarge YG "Goes Loco" on stage - PHOTO BY DAVID "ODIWAMS" WRIGHT
YG "Goes Loco" on stage
Photo by David "Odiwams" Wright
YG got the crowd hype after grabbing a rhinestone sombrero and doing his version of the salsa in front of a mariachi band for his hit "Go Loco." During the middle of his set the Westcoast MC stopped to deliver his political message.

“If you voted for Donald Trump get the fuck out of here,” he exclaimed as he stood center stage. After an audience member he pointed out said he didn’t vote for the President, the doubtful YG invited him up to the stage.

“If you really didn’t vote for him you know what you need to say,” laughed YG as the crowd yelled along with his 2016 Nipsy Hustle collaboration, FDT (Fuck Donald Trump).

The MC laughed as he finished his set and walked to the side of stage to greet Houston Rocket's James Harden and Russell Westbrook.

click to enlarge Megan Thee Stallion warms up the hometown crowd - PHOTO BY DAVID "ODIWAMS" WRIGHT
Megan Thee Stallion warms up the hometown crowd
Photo by David "Odiwams" Wright
The opening act for the whole show was none other than Houston’s own Megan Thee Stallion who wasted no time letting the city know she had returned.

“I’m not gonna lie to y’all,” exclaimed Megan as she walked across the stage as the intro music to "Realer" blasted through the pavilion. “They ain’t been turning up in the other cities like they should…but we home now.”
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