Gothic Council Debates Most Definitive Goth Album... Ever

Gothtopia has a new, longer drive to the sheet-music mines every day, the upside of which is that we get to listen to a lot more music in the car. Since much of our dedicated listening time is taken up with official assignments, drive time is one of the few opportunities we have to really sit back and relax to music.

It was on the drive this morning that we revisited The Cure's 2000 album Bloodflowers. Bloodflowers is the album that will always sum up the best of goth to us. It's dark, desperation and emotional honesty makes it one of the best things Robert Smith and the boys ever put out.

However, that's just one goth's opinion. So we decided that it was high time to ask the Gothic Council which albums best sum up our beloved subculture's music.

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