Happy Birthday, Mr. T! A Foolish Playlist for You to Pity

I have a hard time explaining the 1980s to my daughter. Mostly because she's, you know, two years old.

Still, I imagine that even when she reaches an age where she's more willing to endure a conversation that doesn't involve strawberries and Dora the Explorer, I won't be able to convey the strangeness of the decade.

Consider one Laurence Tureaud, better known as Mr. T. The American icon turns 60 years old today. Could a man like this have risen to such success in any other decade? The Mohawked, gold chain-wearing T went from being a bouncer to a man so badass that Muhammad Ali was willing to pay him $3,000 a day to be his bodyguard.

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Jef Rouner is a contributing writer who covers politics, pop culture, social justice, video games, and online behavior. He is often a professional annoyance to the ignorant and hurtful.
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