Houston Music Fans Show Their Artistic Sides

There's a moment unlike any other in the career of a local musician, and that's when someone takes it upon themselves to create a work of art centered on you or your music. It's a bizarre mixture of fear and amazement, when you briefly flirt with the line between man and god. Today I thought we'd look at some examples of fan art our local heroes have inspired.

This first piece is the one that started me gathering the rest, because of its sheer awesomeness. Blake Henry began the habit of stopping by Notsuoh on the way home on the Metro rail at night, and one evening happened to catch a performance by Only Beast. Inspired by Danielle Renee and company's rockitude, Henry whipped out this drawing and handed it off to the band without a word. I imagine we'll be hearing more from this artistic ronin later on.

Skeleton Dick didn't just get art from an adoring fan. Keith Amador transferred his work onto two kickin' pair of shoes. Not every band can use their fan art to keep their feet from getting wet in a puddle of beer.

It's no surprise that the legendary Hates have had a few artistic fans over the course of their three-decade-plus career. This painting of front man Christian Kidd was originally done by a young lady named Rae Anne.

Creator unknown, but this oddly endearing drawing was presented to The Wheel Workers inspired by their song "Rainbows" off the album Past to Present. The clasped, colorful hands perfectly compliment the elegant lyrics of living together in harmony.

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Blaggards have received a bunch of fan art, but this is Chad Smalley's favorite. Nicholas Glidden, a friend of the band, recently did this painting of front man Patrick Devlin. It was auctioned off to benefit Devlin's wife Kelly, who is currently fighting breast cancer.

Finally, a little something that I received back in the Black Math Experiment days from a local artist I never feel gets the recognition he deserves. Bret Harmeyer did this amazing watercolor picture after hearing our song "Evil Wizard Jesus," and it's by far my favorite souvenir from my rock-star past. As I said at the beginning, there's nothing like being able to look at a piece of art on your wall that your own art inspired someone to create.

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