Houston's 10 Favorite Rainy-Day Albums

Weather like Houston had this past week seems to make everyone "sad panda" and turn to lusher, less upbeat music. Snuggle-rock, dad-rock, beard-rock - music you hear in coffee shops seems to be ruling our city's personal airwaves.

As Tropical Storm Hermine trampled through Houston yesterday, we asked our friends on Twitter and Facebook what they were playing to get them through their day. Surprisingly, everyone agreed on a set of mostly languid and sullen groups, and most of it was pretty slinky. Craig's Hlist must have some sleazy friends. Awesome.

Interestingly enough it seems, wet, rainy weather equals sexy acoustic jams for most folks; snuggly, baby-making tunes ruled the day. We can only imagine how many kids were conceived during Hurricane Ike and Tropical Storm Allison.

Here are Houston's favorite rainy day bands, with the albums most likely to soothe your nerves as the rain falls, the winds blow, and people lose their ever-loving minds on the road.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty