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Houston's Top 10 Rooftop Bars and Lounges

If you haven't ventured over to Crush in a post-Cynthia Woods haze, definitely find a reason soon. Now that the weather is much less heinous, the world of rooftop patio bars is akin to hanging out in heaven. There's someone watch or dance with no matter where you turn. If you can make it over to the DJ through the mad crush of people, chances are he'll play whatever your heart desires. He busted out some of Lil Wayne's dirtier tracks for us on our last visit, and for that, we're forever grateful. (20 Waterway Ave., Spring, 281-362-7874, thecrushbar.com)

Deep in the heart of West U lies Hudson Lounge's wondrous rooftop bar, with pretty people as far as the eye can see. The lounge moniker is a bit of a misnomer, though — this place is all Miami club, all the time, complete with the posh, crispy-white decor you'd expect in a South Beach hangout. But even if clubbing ain't your scene, Hudson and their fantastic rooftop patio will be now that the weather is less Miami, more California. (2506 Robinhood, 713-523-0020, hudsonlounge.com)

This uber-popular Midtown whistle-whetting spot has multiple levels of decks that wrap around the building, but the icing on the beer cake is the upstairs patio. It's always packed to the gills with folks checking out the view of not only Midtown, but all the pretty people hanging out in the fall air. (2403 Bagby, 281-501-9075, thedogwoodmidtown.com)

Grand Prize Bar' great selling points are the twinkling rooftop patio and decently priced drinks. The crowd is diverse — everyone and anyone hangs out here — and totally unpretentious. To top it all off are specialty drinks that coexist alongside the PBR and Lone Star, all of which makes Grand Prize a more elevated patio experience. What more could a barfly ask for? (1010 Banks, 713-526-4565, facebook.com/grand-prize-bar)

3rd Floor Bar may be situated on top of another Midtown staple, Pub Fiction, but its bird's-eye view of Houston from the massive rooftop patio makes it a clear winner. Wanna know what else makes this rooftop awesome? A little thing called cocktails on tap, not to mention about 50 types of wine on tap. (2303 Smith, 832-801-6906, 3rdfloorhouston.com)

Proof is all rooftop, all the time. Situated on top of Reef restaurant, the relatively new spot has already managed to make a big impression on the Midtown bar scene, even with the Houston elements working against it. Now that the weather is less swampy, it's the perfect time to brave the Proof crowds at Proof. The humidity will no longer wreck your 'do, and the cute little cabanas are the perfect place to laze away a Sunday afternoon, evening, or both. (2600 Travis, 832-767-0513, facebook.com/proofhouston)

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