Screwston, Texas

Is O.N.E. Becoming a Houston Rap Folk Hero?

There's a scene in 1997's Good Will Hunting where Matt Damon is talking to Robin Williams about getting beaten as a child. He tells Williams that his foster dad used to lay out things on a table (wrench, belt, etc) and ask which one he wanted to be hit with. Damon said he always chose the wrench. When Williams asked him why, Damon responded, "Because fuck him, that's why." It was an exercise against tyranny.

O.N.E. has received no shortage of compliments here at Rocks Off. He has been billed as "smart" (occasionally too smart for his own good) and "clever" (also occasionally too much for his own good), compared to scientists (John Holland) and championed for his unwavering dedication to extrapolating rap material from semi-bizarre inspirations (socioeconomic constructs, agathist paradigms, etc). It's a tactic that has earned him more respect than fans, a fact that he's seemed to embrace -- or, at the very least, accept.

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Shea Serrano