League Of Extraordinary G'z Pack Power Of The Closed Fist

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Each Wednesday or thereabouts, Rocks Off arbitrarily appoints one lucky local performer or group "Artist of the Week," bestowing upon them all the fame and grandeur such a lofty title implies. Know a band or artist that isn't awful? Email their particulars to introducingliston@gmail.com.

In the three-year-history of the Artist of the Week column, only twice have we featured someone or some act that was not entirely Houston-based, and one of those times was because a hurricane was destroying the city and we hastily abandoned ship. Today makes three.

Everyone, the League of Extraordinary Gz. The League, everyone.

The LXGz is a hip-hop corporation that splits citizenship between Houston (yuss!) and Austin (throw-up noises). We'd actually nabbed one of their CDs from a clothing store several months ago on account of the flyness of the cover, but upon hearing that they weren't homegrown, we immediately smashed it into a trillion tiny pieces and set them all on fire one by one.

Alas, their rap effectiveness could not be entirely dismissed - the Gz are good, enjoyable, fun to listen to and, far as we can tell, not bastards. So we had some of their members answer questions about Sean Connery, what constitutes an appropriate level of G-ness and the worst song that they've ever made. Aces.

Rocks Off: Standard opener: Tell everyone everything they need to know about the League of Extraordinary Gz in exactly six words.

League of Extraordinary Gz feat. Devin the Dude, "Let's Go"

Reggie: Listen. It's all in the music.

Lowkey: The power of the closed fist.

RO: The most obvious thing that needs to be asked: Why oh why did you pick a bad Sean Connery movie to base your name on? We mean, if it has to be Connery-related, what about The Untouchables? Or better yet: The Finding Forresters?

Lowkey [laughs]: I still never seen the actual movie, so as far as I'm concerned you should be asking him why he named his shitty movie after them G'z from Austin.

Greezo: People don't know the white boys in the League are second cousins and Sean Connery is their great granddaddy. True story.

RO: Are there rules you're required to follow when you're an Extraordinary G?

Tuk: You have to be extraordinary, for one, and also a G.

Greezo: Be extraordinary at any cost. When you wipe your ass, it better be extraordinary.

RO: Have you all ever had to talk to one of your members because their G-ness was only ordinary and lacking in extra? How do you handle that situation?

Show feat. Greezo, "My Mindstate"

Lowkey: I had to call Sandman's G-ness in question when he joined the military because they wear uniforms and that's too close to being a cop... but they have big-ass guns, so G-ness intact. For now.

Tuk: That has yet to be an issue. Everyone in the League has thus far kept their G-ness at an extraordinary level. I don't forsee that being an issue, but if needed we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

RO: The best song that you all have ever made is...

Tuk: Still in the making. You"ll hear it soon though.

RO: The worst song that you all have ever made is...

Tuk: A figment of your imagination. We don't make bad songs.

Up your own personal G-ness at www.LOEGz.com.

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