Lonesome Onry and Mean: An Artist Best In Texas and LOM Can Agree On. Seriously.

While anyone who follows this column knows that Lonesome, Onry and Mean can't stand about 90 percent of what gets touted in

Best in Texas

magazine and labeled Texas/Red Dirt music, we have always had a soft spot for Stillwater, Okla., rockers Cross Canadian Ragweed. Our son took us to see CCR in Lubbock just as the band's career was beginning. A couple of years later, when they'd hit it big, they dropped by Blanco's to hang with him and he sat in with them on "Them Boys From Oklahoma."

Several months ago, we were in San Antonio visiting our daughter, dialing the radio, checking the local stations for items of interest when we dialed in Mattson Rainer's show on KNBR New Braunfels. Rainer was playing a song that was so muscled up and nasty, we thought he must've made a mistake on his playlist. And LOM could not identify the song or the band. Turns out Rainer was spinning Cross Canadian's latest album, and the track was called "51 Pieces on the Side of the Road." LOM still likes Cross Canadian Ragweed.

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