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Lonesome Onry and Mean: Macon Greyson Puts the Moves on The Wrestler

The Press has touted Dallas rock band Macon Greyson numerous times. Music Editor Chris Gray had its 20th Century Accidents as one of his top albums of 2007. National mags like No Depression, Paste and Amplifier have all raved about the band while our sister paper in Dallas, the Observer, has studiously ignored MG for whatever hipster reasons that operate in Dallas. Go figure.

Anyway, not to say we told you so - well, maybe a little - but Macon Greyson, who play fairly often at Goode's Armadillo Palace (next on February 13), have a track in the new Mickey Rourke film The Wrestler. The song is "Blacklight," from Accidents, and below is a message from MG's MySpace site posted about an hour ago.

"The movie The Wrestler came out last week in Dallas and we have seen it. First things first, the movie is really great. We aren't saying this because our song is in it, it is flat-out a great movie. As we mentioned last week, Darren Aronofsky is very talented and his portrayal of the story is genius. Rourke got himself a Golden Globe for his performance and [Bruce] Springsteen won a Globe for his title track in the movie.

Both are very deserving of the honor. As for our little role in the movie, our song plays on the jukebox during the scene where Rourke and Tomei are in a corner bar talking and having a beer. We didn't get any Globe nominations, but we believe that our song definitely contributed in a positive way to that particular scene... or something like that."

- William Michael Smith

[The Wrestler opens in Houston tomorrow.]

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William Michael Smith