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My Parents Disowned Me for Stripping. Help!

My Parents Disowned Me for Stripping. Help!
Jeff Fitlow
Dear Willie D:

I met my parents at a sports bar to watch a NFL playoff game, and the whole time my mom seemed uneasy, so I asked her what was up. She said we could talk about it later. We then spent the rest of the evening watching games, drinking beer and playing darts.

After the game, I followed them home in my car, instead of going back to my place, and all but forgot about what was bothering my mom earlier. I went into the kitchen to get some water because normally when I drink any kind of alcohol, I get a headache if I don’t chase it with water. So, as soon as I opened the fridge, I heard my mom yell my name, summoning me to come into her bedroom.

She showed me a video of me in a G-string in the locker room at the strip club where I work. I was so embarrassed. Turns out my sister sent her the link to my IG account. My mom called me a disappointment and said if I don’t quit stripping, I’m not welcome at their house. The whole time my dad just sat there silent, as he always does.

When I told her that I wasn’t going to stop, she grabbed a box and started loading it with my pictures that were in frames, along with personal items of mine like my childhood art drawings and toys, and told me to get out. Who does that? I knew they would be angry whenever they found out, but I never thought they would disown me.

l love stripping because it gives me financial independence and freedom to come and go whenever I feel. I also relish in the power I have over men who will give anything to touch my body. Is there a way to make things right with my family and still do what I love? By the way, I’ll be visiting your city to make some of that Super Bowl money. If you’re out, come to Scores and ask for Heather. I got you on the house.

Disowned Stripper:

Arrange a meeting with your parents to discuss the situation, or if it’s easier for you, send an email or text message explaining to your parents that you never intended to share that part of your life with them. Tell them why you decided to strip. Let them know the values they instilled in you haven’t changed, and your decision to strip was financial, not moral. They probably won’t budge right then and there, so leave the door open for them to reconsider their position.

Stripping is a high-risk profession with a world of hurt waiting around every corner, so I can see your parents' side of things. But I can also see where you’re coming from. It’s a cold, dark world out there. Independence is power, and opinions don’t pay bills.

As for your invitation, I’m a player from the Himalaya. Strip clubs ain’t my speed, but thanks anyway. Get your money, girl!


Dear Willie D:

Dealing with my boyfriend’s dad is almost impossible. He is the most opinionated person I have ever met in my life. My boyfriend is 27, and his dad still does not respect his views on life. He is controlling and believes anybody who does not see things his way is stupid.

I was out for dinner with my boyfriend and his dad, and out of nowhere my boyfriend’s dad started talking about Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general, Jeff Sessions. My boyfriend agreed that Sessions needs to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

That surprised me, because just the day before, he agreed with me that Sessions would be a horrible pick. He does this all the time. Why does he allow his dad to manipulate him like that?

Political Sessions:

Your boyfriend probably allows his dad to manipulate him because he still wants his approval like he did when he played Pop Warner Football. Moreover, you’re in a relationship with a spineless, indecisive, wishy-washy people-pleaser. Good luck with that.


Dear Willie D:

I have a small circle of friends who went to high school with me. In college, I had sex a couple of times with one of them. The friend I had sex with is now happily married to one of the girls in our friend group who doesn’t know we had a fling.

At the moment, she is pregnant and wants me to be the godmother to her son. Because I felt pressured to give her an immediate answer, I agreed. But now I’m having second thoughts because I find it hard to look her in the face. Even though I had sex with her husband before they were ever together, I just don’t feel right accepting such an honorable position.

How do I tell her I can’t be the godmother and not hurt her feelings?

Small Circle:

Tell her you appreciate the offer, but after thinking about it, you’re not prepared to take on such an important responsibility. The moral of the story is, never do anything out of fear, obligation or guilt to avoid saying no.


Dear Willie D:

Over the past six months, my boyfriend and I have been going through a lot of problems in our relationship. We finally decided to call it quits. Now the question is what do we do about the tickets we bought to see our favorite band, The Who, in London in April.

Whilst there, we had planned on visiting relatives. I’m disappointed that we won’t get to see them, but I’m even more disappointed in the money we will lose if we cannot get our money back for the concert tickets that we paid $600 for each. We already canceled the hotel and flight reservations.

What is the best way to unload concert tickets on the Internet without getting ripped off?

Split Ticket:

Set up an account with StubHub. It’s the largest online ticket exchange marketplace in the world, and it’s owned by eBay. You may end up getting smoked value-wise, but it’s better than taking a chance and getting burned.

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