New Video and Album Update from Karina Nistal

Here's "Viviendo," the latest video from Houston's Karina Nistal & Rebel Crew, which recently premiered (inter)nationally on Spanish-language music channel MUN2:

Taken from Nistal's previous album, Nistyle, "Viviendo" was made completely in-house and on the cheap, Nistal says. "We used resources our friends provided us - their time, cameras, locations, etc.," she says. "JoeB and Lovesun from Rebel Crew directed it. It took 2-3 days shooting; the last day was about 5-6 hours at the Texas Beat Warehouse on Canal - thanks to our boy Krunk on the location."

"It was basically a video to introduce me, my label Starlight Beats, and let people see some of my silly personality," Nistal adds. "We're getting a lot of good response."

Nistal says she and Rebel Crew are about to head back into the studio to continue working on Nistyle follow-up Nistalgia. "The album is coming along slowly," she allows. "I recently had some inquiries on my music from Univision's West Coast market. I'm really excited to hear their plans." - Chris Gray

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