Preemo & Tawn P Are Good Every Day, and Good On "Everyday"

Tawn P is a girl who raps very well and Preemo is a guy who raps very well. Together, as Rocks Off told readers back in May, they're also in a group called All Day that raps very well.

That song up there, that's "Everyday," presumably the first track from their upcoming album. It's good, clearly. It's energetic and it's fun and it's ambitious and so on. None of that should be a surprise, really --Tawn had one of the best mixtapes of 2011, and Preemo is maybe the greatest rapper in the city whom nobody ever truly considers. What's especially endearing about the twosome is that they are so tailor-made to work with each other.

Tawn is an absolute menace, a frenetic goGoGO-er who is positively devastating in the open field. And Preemo... Preemo is basically The Velveteen Rabbit (figuratively and existentially). And the juxtaposition of the two is just proper.

There will be probably be moments on future songs that are unsavory, most likely to happen if Tawn attempts to try to match Preemo's unhurried confidence or Preemo attempts to match Tawn's tenacity, because that happens in just about every group not named UGK or OutKast.

But all of that seems incidental and completely inconsequential right now, because we have new music from two of Houston's most talented musicians and goddamn you if you don't appreciate that.

In 2010, Preemo had a very sturdy mixtape called Flight 713 that had a song called "Co-Pilot." The entire song was one big play on a then-imaginary rap partner he had. ("They call me Maverick, my partner here is Goose. No, I'm just playing. Anyway, you are? Nice to meet you. I'm Harold, this is Kumar," x1000, etc.)

The track was tremendous fun, and definitely enjoyable. There was always the question, though: Would Preemo ever actually find someone who can keep pace with him?

It appears he has. And goddamn you if you don't appreciate that too.

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