Rappers Predict The Best & Worst Of BET's Hip-Hop Awards

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday that isn't a national holiday, Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: Preemo, Kyle Hubbard, Brad Gilmore, Medicine Girl, D-Risha, Kiotti, Chane, Renzo, Mic Skills, Young Sensation

Not Invited: Everyone who has ever been on BET's Hell Date.

This Week's Prompt: The BET Hip-Hop Awards were taped this past weekend and air next Tuesday. Call it now: What will be the best and/or worst thing about the show?

Preemo: The worst thing to happen at the BET Awards will be the BET Awards.

Brad Gilmore: I really hope Busta Rhymes wins everything he is nominated for. He really showed that he is still an MC to be reckoned with. It would be a "good look," as Rocsi from 106 & Park would say.

Mic Skills: The worst thing will be if Lil Wayne wins every award. I think he's nominated for 19 of 22. Other artists made hot records too.

Kiotti: Thanks to Twitter, I'm thinking the best thing will be cyphers. Worst part: I'm not in one.

Young Sensation: Best part will be the cyphers and T.I. coming back. Worst part will be the unorganized show that BET is known for having [laughs].

Renzo: The best thing that is going to happen at the BET Awards is Lil Wayne is gonna have on a Turnin' Headz shirt when he performs. The worst thing is the fact that Birdman cut the shirt so his nipples and belly button will be showing during the performance also.

D-Risha: T.I. is gonna get arrested again (bad). I hope Jeezy has a good performance (good).

Medicine Girl: Best: J. Cole wins something. Worst: Nicki Minaj and Madonna french-kiss onstage.

Kyle Hubbard: I have no idea what they have planned, but after a quick Google search I can tell you that the worst thing will be Kevin Hart as host. He will be perpetually the worst thing to happen, as I imagine each joke will be worse than the last. The best thing that will happen will be Jill Scott's performance.

Chane: I think the best part will be DMX performing again. Gotta love X, man.

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