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Recovery Has Exorcised Lucky Luciano's Demons. This Rapper Is Clean.

In the January 5th edition of the Houston Press, you read about a small piece of Lucky Luciano's life - his addiction to drugs and alcohol and life of pimping strippers.

What you didn't hear about is how he escaped death on Houston's freeways several times. You didn't hear about the time he flipped his friend's Tahoe, which he took without permission, off the exit ramp landing wheels up. He escaped with no injuries.

You didn't hear about the time fate saved his ass. Coming home from a strip club drunk and high, he ran out of gas on the freeway. Pushing it from the back, his shoe flipped off to the right side of the truck, and as he reached for it, a truck slammed at full speed into the back of his vehicle. He escaped with no injuries, but his boy that was riding with him wasn't so lucky: Punctured lungs and fractured ribs.

It gets worse.

[jump] Lucky once took a curve on the highway too fast. He hit the wall, spun around facing oncoming traffic and a Jeep hit him head on, flipping his car upside down. He thought he killed someone, so he fled the scene. Turns out the drivers of the Jeep stole the vehicle. Yeah, there's a reason they call him Lucky.

He'll tell you himself. Lucky treated the woman who would become his wife like shit and cheated on her several times. He put out shit mixtapes to his fans to earn a buck and get him to the next month. He acted like an ass in front of his big brothers in the game, Chingo Bling and SPM, several times.

So his free album, Recovery, released yesterday for download, is his peace offering, his apology, his cleansing of the soul, his exorcism from the demons of threesomes, X pills and alcohol. Damn, we don't know if we could give up the first thing. Sorry, just being honest.

Rocks Off got to listen to the album first and you can hear the maturity in it and a "raising-of-the-hand," of sorts, proclaiming "Hey guys, I fucked up, but thank you for sticking by me. The last ten years I didn't do right by you, but I promise that in the next ten, I'll give you everything I got." We're paraphrasing but that's essentially what the album's about.

It's worth the download and it's free. The album has Short Dawg, DJ Kane, Rob G, Coast, V-Zilla. Bunz, Trails and GT Garza. Some cold cats from California's Bay Area, Lil Ro and J-minnix, are also featured. Chingo Bling does lots of production work on this and it shows. The album is solid.

Some notable tracks:

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Contributor Rolando Rodriguez is the co-founder of Trill Multicultural.