Searching for Signal

The four (very) young men who comprise Searching for Signal think of themselves as a melodic post-rock group. There is definitely a slightly dreamy aspect to their songs, complete with moody atmospherics akin to fellow Texans Explosions in the Sky. However, the only problem with their assertion is that they write pop songs — very good pop songs. Think of SfS as what might happen if the Great Machine churning out radio fodder threw off the shackles of mindless consumption while keeping the basic program of making widely appealing pop music. The band has an uncanny knack for crafting tunes that are instantly catchy without being disposable. While firmly rooted in classicist pop song-craft, SfS also has a jazzy side, with clean phrasing and 12-bar-ready chord changes. Add in the soft, breathy vocals of singer/guitarist Matt Salois, and the band seems to shift toward The Sea and Cake circa Oui. The subtle dynamics and occasional tempo shifts add flair and a bit of edge to what is otherwise almost perfectly well-rounded pop music — wouldn't you rather this be the music your children listen to?

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