Stalking the Elusive Urban Juggalo (Gulf Coast Subspecies)

Tonight, Rocks Off will valiantly fend off the sleep fairies and attempt to hit up his first-ever Insane Clown Posse show. We don't know what to expect, but from what the Interwebs and close friends have been saying, nay pleading, to us we should be frightened and gird ourselves with smelling salts and small firearms. We even hear they will be tailgating outside the venue, so we better wrap this up and put on our face paints soon.

Rocks Off has known a few scattered Juggalo homeys in his past, and most were affable guys who were just die-hard fans. Juggalos are what ICP's devoted followers call themselves, and the female of the species is called a Juggalette. The definition of just what one is is hard to pin down, and even people that who claim Juggalo are hard-pressed to come find one. Urban Dictionary has its own hilarious definitions of the cult, which range from spot-on to rash yet comical generalizations.

People who do not feel what ICP and the rest of that musical family are spitting out will never understand. They are very clannish for the most part, and are extremely protective and allegiant to one another, male and female.

Public perception is that Juggalos are mostly "white trash" kids who find solace in ICP's downtrodden lyrics, which champion the underclass. Our own John Lomax dived headfirst into a Juggalo gathering back in 2007 and pretty much came to the same conclusions.

But we have seen and known Juggalos of different colors as well. They are vaguely gypsy-like, in the fact that they are so enclosed in their own scene and rarely deviate from anything outside of it, often finding mainstream social mores peculiar. Most gravitate to rap and metal in the same vein of ICP and the artists on the band's custom label, Psychopathic Records.

Rocks Off can't deny that he finds most of the group's music repellent and childish, but something has to be said about the following ICP has garnered. They scare dowdy Repulicans and repulse politically correct liberals, and both are largely scared of any group of poor people anyhow.

On one end of the spectrum, they aren't racist or nihilistic as most other cultish groups, but they have been known to be very violent and even commit awful acts of murder. Then again, that may have more to do with the predominantly lower-income status of the cult than the music they listen to.

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Craig Hlavaty
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