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SXSW News: Big Star, Ray Davies, Wanda Jackson, Crystal Castles, Scissor Sisters... And Free Food!

We are now sitting on 11 days and counting until Rocks Off's home away from becomes a hotel room off 4th Street and our stomachs become lined with breakfast tacos and free beer. Officially, SXSW's music segment starts on March 17 and we are now standing down the barrel of the final weeks before the storm hits. Or should we say, we drive right into the storm.

In the past week we learned influential power pop group Big Star will be making an appearance at the festival. Just this past year the band's early seminal works were reissued, including No. 1 Record and Radio City. If it wasn't for Alex Chilton and Big Star, we probably wouldn't have had things like the Replacements or even the Jonas Brothers. We are only half-kidding about the J-Bros.

Aside from Big Star, this week SXSW also announced plenty of other biggies to the showcase roster. "Queen Of Rockabilly" Wanda Jackson is headlining an Oklahoma-centric showcase over at The Copa. Jackson just finished work this past fall on a comeback record of sorts with none other than Jack White. It's said to be a return to her rocking roots, and the first fruits of their work together have already been released on a 7" on White's Third Man label.

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Craig Hlavaty
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