The 7 Most Polarizing Albums In Recent Memory

This Monday night, MGMT hits the House Of Blues behind new album Congratulations, which has been getting one of the most tepid responses for a new album by a buzz band in recent media memory. The people that jumped on the bandwagon in 2008 after the Brooklyn-based then-duo released Oracular Spectacular and killed every audience they saw at SXSW that year have been mostly shunted and confused by Congratulations.

Its rash wave of experimentation standing in opposition to what the band was doing on the former has turned people off from the album, but not so much the band, seeing that the HOB date is a sell-out. Our take on the album is that, for the most part, it's not bad. If it came from a group of unknowns in day-glo attire and was picked up by a indie blog, it would be hailed as the best thing since OK Computer or Merriweather Post Pavilion (more on that one later).

It's decent and catchy, but not the digital piece of dog shit some more cynical critics are calling it. Rocks Off hears echoes of the Jam, Donovan and Elvis Costello, and those aren't bad influences to wear on your paint-splattered ripped sleeve at all.

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Craig Hlavaty
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