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The Eminently Quotable Kacey Musgraves

Houston Press: Describe the difference between country music that’s made in the Southwest and Texas compared to other parts of the country.
Kacey Musgraves: Texas music seems to be a little more sassy at times.

Is that your mom talking in the preamble to “This Town,” and has it ever occurred to you that she sounds exactly like Lucinda Williams?
It’s my late grandmother; she passed away about a year ago. It’s my mom’s mom.

If you could share a bill with three performers or bands, dead or alive, who would they be and why?
Willie Nelson, for sure. (She’s already done that.) I’d probably also pick Roger Miller or Buck Owens. I really dig ‘em. I love Roger Miller because he makes me laugh.

In “Good Ol’ Boys Club,” you sing about not wanting to be part of a Big Machine. Is that a reference to the record label?
No, that’s just a statement saying I don’t want to be part of any big machine; I don’t want to be caught up in the gears of something like that. If you work in a factory somewhere, you could relate to that.

“Dime Store Cowgirl” pretty much recaps your life since Same Trailer, Different Park was so well-received. What has been the headiest/“too big for my britches” moment in your rise to stardom?
Everybody can get too big for their britches at some point, and you need the people around you to say, ‘Hey, quit being crazy.’ People are quick to tell me if I’m doing anything out of line.

“Biscuits” is a great song, but are you afraid people will find it too similar to “Follow Your Arrow”?
If they listen to the lyrics, it’s not. It’s quite different, actually. It’s a song just saying, ‘These are things that have not worked for me in my short 26 years on this planet.’ If you turn on the radio right now, there are 700 songs about the same thing.

As for biscuits, which do you prefer: white gravy or sausage gravy?
You’ve gotta throw some sausage in there.

Describe your perfect day. What would you do in the span of 12-24 hours?
I really enjoy days that start with sleeping in, a good workout, some good food, exploring whatever city that we’re in or seeing some nature. And hanging out with my dogs, that’s gotta be in there too.
Why’d you give “Mama’s Broken Heart” to Miranda Lambert instead of cutting it yourself?
Who doesn’t love a Miranda Lambert cut?

“Die Fun” has a melancholy melody that sort of contradicts its lyrics. Is that to infuse it with a sort of cautionary element, or what?
That one definitely has a wistful, melancholy feel to it. It’s just: let’s just go for it and not sweat the small stuff. It’s kind of emotional.

Outside of country music, who are some musicians you admire?
I really love the band Weezer. I’ve lately been into Leon Bridges, a Texas kid who’s kind of blowing up right now, making some really good, throwback, Motown kind of music.

Musgraves' new album, Pageant Material, is out now.
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