The singles never stop for this playlist.EXPAND
The singles never stop for this playlist.
Image by David Garrick

Houston Press Singles Club: Bombon, Jamie Paige, Oceans of Slumber

The Houston Press Singles Club is back and the playlist of Houston music is nearing 100 songs.
This edition is pretty off the chain with new jams from Bombon, Mystery Loves Company, Jamie Paige, Michael Haaga, and Oceans of Slumber. While we love that you subscribe to this list and play the tracks, we remind you to visit these artists at their online shops or when they perform so they can afford to keep the tunes coming in the future.

Bombon has been giving us the goods for a minute now.
Bombon has been giving us the goods for a minute now.
Photo by Quite Frankly

When it comes to throwing a dance party, no one really does it like Texas' Bombon. The tropical dance crew making their name all over Texas got their start in Houston, and their live shows are an experience that everyone needs to check out.  Last year, they dropped the catchy and groove heavy sounds of "Baila Ritmo No Pare (feat. Jefferson d'Lion)" and it's a doozy. Full of tropical and jungle beats and touches, the song takes what you know about electronica and adds plenty of Gulf Coast flavor. The beat alone is enough to get your feet moving, while the stride of the song is on point enough to blast it from your speakers. You can buy Bombon's music on iTunes or Bandcamp.

If you describe yourself as a chamber rock duo, you're already telling people that your music is different from what they typically hear. That's what can easily be said about Houston's Mystery Loves Company. Some of their music takes the chamber rock principles and adds to it with lyrics to create these folk infused tunes. Other times, as on the track "Departures," from this year's Here We Are, they keep things instrumental so you can hear their lush and lovely instrumentation. There's a beauty in how this duo makes music that doesn't sound like anyone else, because that's the point. You can purchase the two piece's music in all digital storefronts, or directly from their online store.

Jamie Paige is making some of the most infectious electro-pop going.EXPAND
Jamie Paige is making some of the most infectious electro-pop going.
Art by Olivia Bergstrom

Every now and again we stumble upon artists that aren't getting the shine they deserve. That's what happened when we found Houston's Jamie Paige. Paige makes these electro-pop jams that mix elements of dance pop, bedroom, pop, and auto-tuned vocals to create a sound that's infectious, and simply hard not to blast. On the track "Secret Girlfriend (Dream Logic Version)" from Paige's latest album Autumn Every Day, all of those elements mix with chiptune and endearing lyrics. You can buy the music of Jamie Paige from all digital storefronts or directly from Bandcamp.

Twenty years ago, Houston had a crazed thrash metal band called Dead Horse that opened people's eyes about what could come from this far south. About two years ago, one of the most inventive psych rock bands you could hear, Houston's Frog Hair came out and blew the minds of everyone who heard them. Of course, it only makes sense that Michael Haaga was a part of both bands. Somewhere in-between, Haaga made one of the best solo records you probably haven't heard, with The Plus And Minus Show. The track "Baby" features Haaga's soft vocals mixed with piano and acoustic guitar to create a  lovely, inventive sound that was ahead of its time. This song is nearing the 15 year mark and still sounds as fresh as it did when it came out, You can purchase the artwork of Michael Haaga here, or grab this album in all digital storefronts.

Oceans of Slumber are intense, inventive, and ahead of the curve.
Oceans of Slumber are intense, inventive, and ahead of the curve.
Photo courtesy of Century Media

For a long time, metal music followed a footprint where bands in many ways, had a similar sound. In some circles, that's still the case. However, when you first hear Houston's Oceans of Slumber, you should notice that they not only carve their own path, they burn the traces of how they got there as well. On their latest record The Banished Heart, the band ups their game while not steering from their already original sound. With the song "Etiolation," the band not only gets more intricate in their notes, they go darker and heavier while keeping a sense of melody. In fact, there's so much happening on the track that you'll have to hear it a couple of times to figure it all out. That being said, the song is an immense and powerful tune from start to finish that should make any metal head happy. Oceans of Slumber has their music for sale in any record store worth walking into, in all digital storefronts, or directly from Century Media.

That's it for this edition of the Singles Club. Don't forget that this week's songs begin with track No. 91, and don't forget to subscribe to the playlist so you can get the tracks as soon as they're added every two weeks.

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