Houston Concert Watch 2/20: Kacey Musgraves and More

The wait is over, RodeoHouston season is back.
The wait is over, RodeoHouston season is back. Photo by Daniel Kramer
Look into the future and ask yourself: what's the longest distance between you and a show you're looking forward to seeing? After a few years of big pop spectaculars booking venues literally over a year in advance, checking around online reveals a Houston concert landscape that doesn't exist beyond December of this year. Neither a good thing nor a bad thing, simply a thing I noticed. If the answer, by the way, is The Chainsmokers/5 Seconds of Summer, at least you're only waiting until November. In the meantime, let's look at the shows literally just around the corner.
Pick of the Week: Kacey Musgraves
2.25 - NRG Stadium

At long last, Kacey Musgraves gets to take the stage at the biggest RodeoHouston, and it's about time. Sure, you have to hit a certain threshold of fame to get get a RH booking (unless your name is Leon Bridges), but Musgraves has always deserved to be part of the Rodeo elite thanks to her strong, clever songwriting and excellent showmanship. Now, of course, she's riding high on an Album of the Year Grammy win, and RodeoHouston seems like a great place for an East Texas girl to celebrate. I've been waiting years to hear "Follow Your Arrow" at the Rodeo.

The Best of the Rest:
Blood Orange
2.20 - White Oak Music Hall

Blood Orange is an incredible name for anything, be it a fruit or Dev Hynes' brand on r&b meets whatever other genres interest him. Blood Orange had a pretty big 2018, with Negro Swan getting high marks from most publications. Recent setlists have him playing nine tracks from the album live, so if you're looking to experience it in the flesh, you're in luck.
2.22 - Toyota Center

Muse can be polarizing musically, but to their credit, their live shows show a vision and ambition you can't help but wish more bands had. Their last Toyota Center gig had them performing in the round with a fascinating live graphics package, not to mention the drone ballet. Of course, the question after a gig like that is "How do you raise the bar?" We're just as curious as anyone to find out.
Meek Mill
2.23 - Revention Music Center

No headline about Meek Mill shocks me anymore. While writing this I found out that he's beefing with Michael Rapaport for some reason or other, and let me just say that I hope he ethers Rapaport. Sure, it's not beefing with Drake, but who am I to begrudge a man an easy W? It's pretty safe to assume this one is going to be packed, so show up early if you want to get up close.
Cypress Hill
2.24 - House of Blues

And so it is that we're just a few short years away from the 30th Anniversary of Cypress Hill's debut album, Cypress Hill, and the world being introduced to the atomic bomb that is "How I Could Just Kill a Man." Expect what you'd normally get from a Cypress Hill, with all the big beats and plenty of a certain green substance hanging in the air. Opening act Hollywood Undead have their own following as well, so it should be a pretty lively crowd for this one.
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