Tonight: Arjun and Guardians at Jennyoga

"Arjun's unique style of music mixes reggae with eastern vocals. From 1996 to 1997, he performed kirtan at the yoga center Jivamukti, a place where notable influences Krishna Das and Bhagavan Das regularly attended. This inspired Arjun to travel to India in 1998. He spent his time chanting at temples with the local babas and learning mrdunga drum and harmonium.

He acquired his first harmonium prior to departing India and moving to Santa Cruz, California, in 1999. In the year 2000, Arjun formed the eastern vocal party Bhajananandi, which released three CDs: Bhajananandi (2000) and Bhajananandi II & III (2001).

Arjun is also a singer in the newly formed Qawwali group Fanna-Fi-Allah, who has traveled to Pakistan to stay and study with the great qawwals, including Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Party. A DVD documenting the pilgramage will be available soon.

"Arjun was born in New York City. Not knowing his cultural roots, his identity was formed through music. He became a DJ at radio station WNYU, where for seven years he hosted and programmed the New Afternoon Show, one of the largest alternative shows of its time. In the late 90's he co-owned a record store in the Lower East Side called Space Ritual, where he spent countless hours developing his tastes in music.

Arjun currently lives on Earth and is open to relocating."

7 p.m. tonight at Jennyoga, 3641-C Westheimer, 713-839-9642 or

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