Top 10 Steampunk Songs

It's a big week for steampunk enthusiasts.

First of all, today is the 287th birthday of Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, the man who built the first self-propelled, steam-powered vehicle. He invented his three-wheeled fardier à vapeur in 1769, and went on to build progressively more complex and better models of steam-powered horseless carriages. The birth of the steam punk world received and even bigger boost near a hundred years later, when the first airship with a steam engine traveled from Paris to Trappes on September 24, 1852.

I know that a large portion of our readers feel that the steampunk movement, which re-imagines the modern with the elegance and inventiveness of the industrial revolution, is a tried, played-out phenomenon, but you didn't grow up thinking that Final Fantasy VI was loads better a religion than the Bible. The brass, the clockwork, and the dapper approach all serve to make something very timeless, and still very specific.

It's certainly made its mark on the world of music, for instance. Here are the top 10 ten steampunk songs or music videos.

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