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Willie D's Open Letter: Trump Is a 'Trick,' 'Ungrateful Bastard'

Tuesday afternoon, Geto Boy and Houston Press advice columnist Willie D forwarded us his open letter to billionaire and Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, which Willie has also posted on his Facebook fan page. Without giving too much away, the rhetoric is a similar to Houston rapper Chingo Bling's recent message to the former Celebrity Apprentice star. Your move, Trump...

[Dear Donald Trump:]

First off, congratulations on your commanding lead as the Republican front-runner in the national polls for the race for President of the United States. I heard you even got a majority 24 percent share of the vote in a recent poll. Impressive – very impressive. I’d also like to recognize your business acumen. It’s made you a very wealthy man. We are a nation divided, but if there’s one thing all Americans can agree on is our appetite for a good ole rags to riches — okay, riches to riches success story. At any rate you’ve done well for yourself, Donny Boy.

You know, when you made those comments about Mexican immigrants being criminals and rapists, my first thought was, “Dude is a clown.” I understand you need something to separate yourself from the pack, and you exercise your little diatribes occasionally to keep your brand out there, but come on, man. You’re a billionaire businessman with access to hidden information. There’s got to be at least a molecule of brain matter beneath that fluffy disco rug on top of your head to warn you that even if you are stupid enough to feel that way, that’s not something you should say if you’re trying to convince people that you want their vote for President of the United States.

But I get it. Thrashing Mexicans during an election cycle historically has helped to bring in tons of conservative votes. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. Speaking of tricking, you’re also one of the oldest tricks, as all of your kids were conceived by women you paid to sleep with you, including your current wife. Maybe that’s why you hate John McCain so much. He has what you want — respect and real love from a devoted woman who has been with him throughout the ups and downs for 35-plus years.

In your most recent ignoramus remarks, you said John McCain wasn’t a war hero. You reasoned that had he not been captured he would have been a hero, and you likened soldiers who didn’t get captured to winners. So is it the new position of the GOP that POW’s are losers? Our soldiers who return home maimed and in body bags; are they also losers? I’m not a fan of John McCain’s politics, but I’ve always been honest with myself enough to give credit where credit is due, despite the fact that I once authored an anti-war song. That man battled and was beaten, and tortured for almost six years for you to have the liberty to say whatever you want. However, to use that freedom to disparage any veteran’s service is a disgrace. If you can’t appreciate the sacrifices our military men and women make, you are not fit to be their Commander-In-Chief.

Your sound bites may be appealing to the few holdout nut-case conservatives who wish like hell they could turn back the clock and enjoy the inequitable privileges of their grandpas, but they will alienate the larger portion who represent the cultural change that’s going on in America. Each time you open your mouth I keep thinking: This guy has to be working for the Democrats because he’s clearly hurting the Republican Party’s chance of reclaiming the White House. Or maybe you’re pitching a new reality show called, The Fired Politrick. Yeah I heard NBC pulled the plug on your gig — bummer.

In any event, I think you owe every hard working Mexican immigrant in America an apology, including their kids because the kids have to deal with the shame and indignity of being profiled also. Additionally, you owe Captain John McCain an apology. You owe the families of POW’s an apology; and you owe every single veteran that’s ever been trapped behind enemy lines an apology — you ungrateful bastard!

Enjoy your stay at the top, because it won’t be long. But slipping in the polls should be your least concern. I hear El Chapo is still out there and he wants to talk to you about that big mouth of yours. 
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Willie D is a member of the legendary hip hop band, the Geto Boys, the host and executive producer of the Willie D Live podcast, and an advice columnist for the Houston Press since 2013.
Contact: Willie D