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Houston Bucket List - The Honorable Mentions

Patio in winter? Welcome to Houston.
Patio in winter? Welcome to Houston. Photo by Becca Wright
For more than two months, we've meticulously counted down the top 100 things to do in Houston, 2022 edition. It's been a lot, but we hope you enjoyed the big list and get started on knocking some of those items off your to do list. We linked to all 10 parts of it below for your convenience.

But, the truth is, there are more than 100 things to do in Houston. As one friend of ours told us years ago, "If you can't find something to do in Houston seven days a week, you aren't looking hard enough." So, we felt like a list of items that didn't quite make it into the top 100 was in order. We give you the honorable mentions!

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Sit on a patio in December.

Simply because you can (sometimes) and it will irritate your friends up north.

Visit Lake Houston.

Maybe you were unaware, but the city of Houston has a massive lake just to the northeast of the city. It's worth a visit. Fish, hang out, check out nature. It's pretty incredible considering it's just minutes from downtown.

Have dinner at the Spindeltop Restaurant.

If we told you there was a nice restaurant on top of the Hyatt Downtown with incredible views, you would probably want to go immediately, right? What if we told you it literally spins 360 degrees over a matter of minutes throughout the night? Don't worry, you can book on Open Table and you're welcome.

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Hotel Galvez is said to be haunted. It's also old school luxury.
Photo courtesy of Galveston Convention & Visitors Bureau
Go old school in Galveston with dinner at Gaido’s and a stay at the Grand Galvez.

If you are making a trip to Galveston, you owe it to yourself to grab dinner at Gaido's, a Galveston institution, and make spend the night (or at least grab a drink at the bar) and the Grand Galvez, the island's majestic old hotel (which is also haunted).

Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos on the east end.

The Mexican Day of the Dead (celebrated in the days after Halloween) is a tradition ripe with history among Houston's Mexican citizens. The epicenter for the fun is the esplanade down the center of Navigation. Have fun!

Have chicken and waffles at Breakfast Klub.

Houston has some incredible soul food and, for over 20 years, the Breakfast Klub has been at its heart. Their chicken and waffles are unrivaled and the atmosphere is always buzzing.

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Slabs, slabs and more slabs.
Photo by Doogie Roux
Check out the Cloverland Park slabs on a Sunday.

If you don't know what slabs are, they are tricked out cars, often with massive "swangas," that protrude out from the tires. They are super cool and Cloverland Park is where they often gather.

Spend a night on The Island.

The Island is what locals affectionately call the jumble of bars and restaurants in Midtown at the corner of Main and Alabama. It is anchored by music venue Continental Club and features record stores, bars, clothing spots and more with a decidedly throwback vibe.

Get up close with nature at Mercer Arboretum.

The Houston Arboretum is truly one of the city's treasures, but lest we forget the beautiful and exquisitely curated Mercer Arboretum on the north side. You can never get too much nature.

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Performances at the Asia Society Texas Center.
Photo by Kaitlin Ellison
Discover amazing art and history at the Asia Society Texas Center and the Holocaust Museum.

As if the fine arts of the MFAH and modern art at The Menil weren't enough, two centers of cultural importance reside just blocks away at the Asia Society Texas Center and the Houston Holocaust Museum. Both are moving and present always updated exhibits.

Have breakfast tacos.

We can't really tell you where (other than not at Whataburger - no hate), but when people talk about tacos in Texas, they frequently forget about Houston. We aren't San Antonio, but we are miles ahead of Austin despite what they believe.

Drive over the ship channel bridge at night.

It's super eerie, you guys. Do it. You won't be disappointed.
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