Lisa Nowak Ordered To Undergo Psychiatric Testing

Lisa Nowak, the former Houston astronaut whose lovesick, (possibly) adult diaper-enabled 1000-mile drive from Houston to Orlando made international news in 2007, has been ordered by a Florida judge to undergo psychiatric testing.

According to an Orlando TV station, Nowak's attorneys might be planning an insanity defense. They claim she suffers from depression, obsessive behavior and Asperger's syndrome, and thus was not in her right mind when she confronted romantic rival Colleen Shipman.

One of her attorneys previously claimed that she also suffered from partner-relational problem, insomnia, brief psychotic disorder with marked stressors, loss of body mass, problems with primary support group, marital separation, problems related to social environment, inadequate social support system and inability to confide in social contacts.

Surely one of those will stick...

In the meantime, Nowak sought and was granted the right to travel to all but three states - Alaska, Pennsylvania, and California.

Shipman and former astronaut (and Nowak ex) Bill Oefelein now live together in Alaska. Pennsylvania is banned to Nowak because it is Shipman's home state. Why California is on her forbidden list remains unclear.

Nowak remains a captain in the United States Navy. When not in court or on a shrink's couch in Florida, she is stationed in Corpus Christi.

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