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The Eight Most Fun Taylor Swift Super Bowl Prop Bets

Taylor Swift is the subject to a slew of potential Super Bowl prop bets.
Taylor Swift is the subject to a slew of potential Super Bowl prop bets. Photo by Jack Gorman
If you don't have a rooting interest in either of the teams participating in the Super Bowl, and you're inclined to place the occasional wager to keep things interesting, then prop bets are the lifeblood of Super Bowl season. This season is like nothing we've ever seen before, though!

Because of the burgeoning relationship between music icon Taylor Swift and Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce, we have literally hundreds of Swift-related prop bets available, thanks to the good folks at BetOnline. Here are eight prop bets for "Swifties" that made me think, chuckle, and even laugh out loud. Here we go, starting with three that all have to do with the single most polarizing feature on an NFL broadcast in 2024 — showing Taylor Swift cheering for her boyfriend!

How many times will Taylor Swift be shown live?
Over/Under 5.5

How long will Taylor Swift be shown live?
Over/Under 40.5 seconds

How long after kickoff until Taylor Swift is shown?
Over/Under 7.5 minutes

The first two bets are probably eye opening to those out there who are super offended by Swift "intruding" on their football. A total of 5.5 times shown during the telecast for a grand total of 40.5 seconds probably has you running over each other in your cars to bet the over, but it's true — Taylor Swift really isn't  more than a small fraction of a percent of the broadcast. As for the amount of time after kickoff until we see ol' Tay Tay, I'd go over on 7.5 minutes, give the fact that the Niners have a good defense, and they may get the ball first on offense.

Taylor Swift 1st person shown next to Super Bowl LVIII
Donna Kelce 5/2 (+250)
Britanny Mahomes 3/1 (+300)
Jason Kelce 4/1 (+400)
Andrea Finlay 6/1 (+600)
Ed Kelce 6/1 (+600)
Scott Swift 6/1 (+600)
Abigail Anderson Berard 8/1 (+800)
Cara Delevigne 8/1 (+800)
Gigi Hadid 10/1 (+1000)
Mike Tyson 33/1 (+3300)

Mahomes feels like the safe bet here at +300, since the wife of the Chiefs' quarterback and the pop star icon have become inseparable in the luxury suite during games. Conspicuous by his absence on the odds board is Patrick Mahomes' annoying younger brother Jackson Mahomes, a TikTok star who never met a Taylor Swift clout radius he didn't like!

Will Taylor Swift be shown live after Chiefs first TD?
Yes -500 (1/5)
No +300 (3/1)

Um, yes. This is an easy hundred bucks, if you can lay the $500 risk out there.

Where will Brittany Mahomes be sitting?
Either side of Swift -110 (10/11)
Behind Swift +225 (9/4)
In front of Swift +275 (11/4)

Is there an option for "on her lap" or "all of the above"?

What Will Tony Romo say first?
Taylor/Swift +170 (17/10)
Jimmy -250 (2/5)

This one just made me chuckle, because Romo addressing his broadcast partner Jim Nantz as "Jimmy" about every 15 seconds on the broadcast. Again, if you can stomach betting a heavy favorite, go with "Jimmy."

Who will be shirtless first?
Jason Kelce -10000 (1/100)
Taylor Swift +2000 (20/1)
Olivia Culpo +2500 (25/1)

The perverts out there are throwing ten bucks apiece on Swift and Culpo (fiancee of Niners RB Christian McCaffrey) and hoping the perv hods answer their prayers.

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