Top 5 Cold Drinks: Alcoholic Version

A while back we made a list of beverages that hit the spot in hot weather. But we didn't include anything with alcohol the first time. An ice-cold beer usually does the trick, but sometimes a balmy evening calls for a beverage with a muddled ingredient or cocktail umbrella.

5. Caipirinha. Yes, Brazilians look better in bikinis than we do, but at least now we can drink their booze. For a while cachaça, the main ingredient in a caipirinha, was not readily available, and we could only mix our muddled sugar and lime with rum. Thankfully, those days are over.

4. Pimm's Cup: Pimm's No.1, invented in ye olde England, is a gin-based liquor with a mellow, fruity, herbal taste. The simplest incarnation of the Pimm's Cup is one part Pimm's, three parts lemonade (or Sprite, as we call it in America) and chopped cucumber. Recipes vary -- some call for ginger ale, gin, mint or fruit -- so a different type of Pimm's Cup for every week of summer is a possibility.

3. Margarita: In the summer, even a slushie machine margarita will do, but the best ones are always made at home with freshly squeezed limes, tequila and Cointreau, no sugar added, maybe a salt rim.

2. Campari: A person's first sip of Campari always tastes like Advil; the fifth sip is sweet and vibrant. Campari with soda water, ice and a lemon wedge is perfectly satisfying, but the way Campari makes gin cocktails pink is well, kind of delightful.

1. White Sangria: White Sangria humbly accepts the honor of Best Summer Barbeque Beverage, best consumed with espadrilles or boat shoes. Instead of red wine, use a sparkling white, with peaches, a green apple and an orange. It's best refrigerated for several hours before serving.

Did we omit a beverage we shouldn't have? Tell us your favorite summer drink in the comments section below.

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Nikki Metzgar
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