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Your regularly scheduled Community recapper Abby was unavailable this week because she and her family are vacationing at a cabin in the woods. Abby, no! Put down the conch shell!

I'm still not wholly on board with the latest season of Community, and I'm probably not alone. Everything just feels so...forced now. At least in the old days, the life lessons or morals or whatever you wanted to call them felt organic. They were cheesy, sure, but still delivered in sufficiently tongue-in-cheek fashion to keep you from feeling like you were being bludgeoned over the head.

Last night, we all went to bed with ice packs on our skulls.

As the study group convenes, we learn it's apparently the one-year anniversary of Troy + Britta. I know, they don't remember either. Troy does remember, however, that it's the third anniversary of the time he and Abed watched Freaky Friday, leading to -- you guessed it -- the two switching bodies.

And apart from that...not much else happened. What's become apparent this season is how much funnier the secondary characters have become (the janitorial murder mystery plot may have been the best part of the episode), probably because they aren't burdened with always talking about their feelings, man.

Donald Glover does a pretty impressive job aping Abed, right down to the mannerisms and tics. Pudi...less so, and the exercise kind of falls flat, leaving us to wish there had been more Dean Pelton As Jeff Winger Only Not Really. Jim Rash is still funny as hell, especially when not overburdened with gay jokes (more on that later).

Abed-As-Troy breaks up with Britta at their anniversary lunch (lunch?) and it hardly feels like a monumental development, considering there was so little made of their coupling that half the time I forgot they were dating.

In the end, Jeff gives a speech or something, Annie and Shirley are locked in mortal struggle for the valedictorian title, only not really (and who cares? It's community college), Britta and Troy hug it out, and Dean Pelton expresses his misgiving about HAVING JEFF INSIDE HIM. Seriously, the GAYYYY shit is really getting old. It's like when Adam Sandler was on SNL and half the skits had anal sex jokes.

The end credits sequence, where it's announced they've stopped doing outtakes, was actually kind of funny (funnier than the puppets, anyway). On the other hand, The Office, a show that has never made me laugh once, is finally wrapping up in a few weeks. Good riddance.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.