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Dude Looks Like a Lady: Hottest Movie Cross-Dressers

Glenn Close is finally getting her dream of playing a man on the big screen. Her upcoming movie Albert Nobbs, now slated for wide release on January 27, features Close portraying a woman who dresses as a man in 19th-century Ireland in order to get a job as a butler. This has been a passion project of Close's for allegedly three decades, since she played the role in a small stage production in the early 80s. For the film version, Close not only stars, but also wrote the script and serves as producer.

It appears she has a hit on her man-hands. The film has already taken home honors at the Tokyo Film Festival and acclaim at the Toronto Film Festival. We took a look at the trailer and from what we've seen the movie looks like it's completely Oscar ready. Glenn Close is an astute actress and she appears 100 percent committed to the role. We will say this, though; she doesn't make the most attractive dude.

Thinking about Glenn Close playing a man made us think about all of the various actors over the years that have walked in the shoes of the opposite sex. Sometimes those shoes were a pair of Louboutins and sometimes they were a pair of wingtips. Nine out of ten times the gender bending was for comedic purposes and they purposely looked ridiculous, like Juwanna Man. But there are plenty of movies where actors donned the other sex's clothing and looked good!

For your Friday boredom here are our top ten hottest movie cross dressers, in no particular order.

Men in Tights


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