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New Yoga Clothes are Good for the Soul

So there's this concept in many spiritual practices--most often associated with Hindu and Buddhism, but also Christianity, among others--of "non-attachment." The idea is that when we let go of our worldly desires, in whatever form they take (material things, conscious thoughts, particular outcomes) that we achieve freedom and peace. If you practice yoga, you have probably had an instructor incorporate this idea into class and are somewhat familiar with it.

Oh, but how much easier it is said, than done.

With the Texas Yoga Conference coming up--March 1-3 at the George R. Brown Convention Center, wanna come?--it seems like just the right time to think about practicing attachment but also, shopping.


It's just so hard not to want All The Things! Especially fun new clothes to get sweaty and stretchy and (hopefully) relaxed in; of all the workout clothes you can buy, yoga clothes are just the cutest. Okay, maybe tennis and golf are close (skirts!) but yoga is right up there at the top.

First, it's important to note that new yoga gear can be procured right at the conference itself. There will be a marketplace where vendors will have set up shop, selling everything from clothes, to jewelry, to essential oils--and a lot more. It seems reasonable to practice non-attachment while you're on the mat at the conference, and then in between sessions, maybe buy some cute stuff from the vendors ... but be really nonchalant about it, and don't get too greedy. Casual interest, purchasing things you actually need and will use--non-attachment for dummies.

Naturally that doesn't solve the problem of what to wear on at least the first day of the conference. If you are interested in doing a little pre-Yoga Conference shopping, a few tips:

1. When choosing yoga pants, try them on no matter what, even if you have the same pair by the same brand. You need to be comfortable with the length and the feel of the fabric. Non-attachment is hard when your pants are creeping up your ... back. 2. Layering is a good idea, especially if you are going to be practicing for a long time. If you are heating up and cooling down, you want to be able to make adjustments so you are comfortable. 3. When choosing a yoga top, think about closures and fasteners. A halter top that ties at the back of your neck is fine for most standing poses, but when you are supine for long periods it can be uncomfortable. 4. PROTIP: Pedicure. More for you than anyone else. Peeking at nice toes during downward dog is fun, and takes your mind of your burning shoulders. 5. Your props are like accessories, and you should take care of them. Keep a bottle of lavender spray or some anti-microbial wipes in you yoga bag, so you can keep your sweaty mat clean and germ-free. This protects your mat, and your yoga clothes.

If you do want to get out and do a little shopping before the conference--or just your next class--check out some of these places around Houston:

YogaOne Studios

Lululemon: Three locations--4023 Westheimer, 5135 W. Alabama, 800 Town and Country Blvd.

REI Galleria

Bayou Bliss Yoga

Bodhi Tree

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