Vid Picks of the Week: Jack Vale Films

The rise of the Internet Comedian has replaced stand-up comedy with the short-length internet video. Comedians like Jon LaJoie, Seth Green (Robot Chicken) and Will Ferrel have all contributed to this new medium to express their talents. We promise to select our favorite videos from those guys, but this week we want to introduce you to a lesser-known comedian who's creating some very original work under the account Jack Vale Films.

Jack Vale has created several different themes for his comedic videos, but they mostly deal with shocking the public. His collaborations are similar to the Jackass movies except with less physicality and, we dare say, more brains. IOHO, Johny Knoxville and pals have nothing on these guys!

Check out some of our favorite Jack Vale videos after the jump.

The Pooter Volume 4 FARTING IN PUBLIC! Farting is funny, no matter how old and cliche it may be for a comedy routine. In this, the highest-rated Jack Vale video with over a million hits, Jack uses "The Pooter," the world's most famous fart maker, to terrorize strangers at grocery stores, libraries and the best place on the planet to catch people's reaction to awkward moments, Target!

Nonsense 2 In the "Nonsense" series, Jack drives around parking lots talking nonsense to random strangers. As he puts it, "I speak in clear words, yet no one understands. Hmm."

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Vernon Caldera