The 50 Best Music Videos of 2022 You Probably Missed Part 3: 30 - 21

The countdown continues!
The countdown continues! Screenshot from No. 21 on this list.
We're halfway through counting down the best music videos you probably missed in 2022. Today we have bears, bloodshed, and bungee jumping. Hope your eyes and ears brought their appetite. Let's dive in.

30. Liv.E, “Wild Animals”

Liv.E self-directed this stylish ode to letting go of people pleasing. Decked out in black leather and writhing on a bed with a Doberman, she vacillates between harsh truth teller and flirtatious tease. The song itself is an absolute banger, and combined with the minimalist video that puts Liv.E on center stage it’s a win all around.

29. SpiritWorld, “Relic of Damnation”

Director Todd Hailstone sure knows how to get people’s immediate attention. “Relic of Damnation” opens with a gunshot wound through the eye, and it only gets more metal from there. An exceptionally well done western horror film that compliments the metal song and makes every second is something special.

28. Puma Blue, “Hounds”

There’s nothing like a classic ‘90s-style black-and-white sad bastard video, and “Hounds” delivers that old 120 Minutes fix. Directed by Jak Payne, it follows a man stumbling blindfolded through a wasteland until he stumbled across a mirror buried in the rubble. Does it make sense? Nah, but the vibe is somber, trippy, and perfectly gloomy. The withered goth in me approves.

27. alt., “Wraith”

Who’s up for some good old fashioned torture porn? Alt. just signed to Sharptone records for their new album, and “Wraith” is a hell of a way to start their tenure there. A man is kidnapped by a cult and tortured until something horrific appears. Simple, brutal, and fantastic gory fun.

26. Slaev, “Valeth”

I can’t describe this video better than a commenter called Chill E did on YouTube: “I really don’t have a clue of what this is, but it is beautiful and goosebumping.” “Valeth” is a gothic imagery parade that feels like something Robert “Robot” Burtenshaw would have put together for Underworld at Numbers. That’s as high a bit of praise as I can give.

25. GONDHAWA, “Go! Go! Sinay/Toko Mieko”

GONDHAWA is a combination folk music and space rock band out of Angers, France, and their epic-length video is truly something to experience. At first, what looks like a long haired pig gorilla has a lovely birthday party, but in the second half he is transported to an alien world full of rock monsters. It plays like Yo Gabba Gabba on crank and never lets go of the manic intensity.

24. Pomme, “very bad”

You have to know the backstory to get why this video is so goddamn funny. Pomme’s song is about sexist men who date younger women to cover up their own insecurities. However, rather than cede some screen time to a dude, even cast as a villain, she just made one out of videos of her dog Pizzaghetti. Considering how many incels and other toxic men are intimidated by women’s pets, the video because quite the flex.

23. Miss Grit, “Follow the Cyborg”

Directors Curry Sicong Tian and Nix Liu Xin perfectly encompass the otherworldly elegance of Miss Grit in this video. “Follow the Cyborg” is an abstract dance of transhumanism that openly questions gender and form, all lovingly narrated by Miss Grit’s slightly alien presence. Beautiful and transgressive, it’s going to be fun to see where Miss Grit goes from here.

22. The Beths, “Knees Deep”

It’s extremely simple, but “Knees Deep” is a fun video that gets progressively more fun as you watch it. Directed by Callum Devlin and Annabel Kean, the band’s practice is continuously held up by members wanting to take part in a free bungee jumping session. Singer Elizabeth Stokes is totally against the idea but eventually gives in, an act that mirrors the lyrics about being afraid to move forward. It’s a lighthearted and delightful time with a surprisingly deep message about getting on with your life.

21. Felly, “Bad Radio”

Directed by Beewax and Clay Kasich, “Bad Radio” follows Felly as he tries to escape life in the woods. He’s stalked by a man in a an adorable bear suit, but the two become friends instead of enemies. However, there’s more than one danger out in the wild. The song is fun and chill even as it explores some deep existential issues, and the twist ending is brutal.

Tune in tomorrow for Part 4: 20 - 11!

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