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Drake's Pop-Up Shop Becomes a Hub of Houston Appreciation Weekend Activity

Pop-up shops are starting to become the norm in hip-hop fashion. Whether it concerns tour merchandise or exclusive pieces, hip-hop's fashion mind has moved well beyond just screen-printed T-shirts. Two weeks ago, Kanye West had his own pop-up shop in the Galleria, with high-priced T-shirts and a rather limited number of pieces. Fans ridiculed West for the prices of his shirts, feeling as if they paid hard-earned money for a product they could have bought at Walmart.

In regards to that side of capitalism, Drake may have West beat. The Toronto rapper set up a Revenge-themed Summer Sixteen Pop Up Shop at East Downtown venue The Secret Group (2101 Polk) last weekend, a Revenge-Themed bonus to his Summer Sixteen Tour stop at Toyota Center on Saturday and Sunday. The shop opened on Thursday, and crowds quickly gathered around the venue before stepping inside to grab whatever they wanted. On Saturday, the last day of the shop, the lines stretched around the building.

"We came in earlier," a mom told a group of kids behind her as she stood next to her daughter. "Her friend wanted something, so we came back."

Unlike the Kanye pop-up, there were no long waits in the sun. Especially on Saturday, everyone from Houston and Oklahoma fans to Summer Sixteen Tour attendees wanted to grab his or her piece of merchandise, either for the show or for the memories. An ice cream truck parked nearby, eager to hustle up some cash via bottled waters and ice-cream sandwiches. By the time people stopped walking up to the shop, the driver had finally given up and drove off.

It took less than five days for workers to transform the building into a Drake-themed arena. Driven by social media posts and fan word of mouth, the holiday weekend added more customers inside the building — with little to no hassles in terms of checkouts or quantity. Big crowds were expected, but the highest impact came on Saturday, thanks to the fact that people didn't have to poke their heads in during lunch hours from work.

As the sun came down behind downtown, fans continued to stream out of The Secret Group with bags of Drake gear. Some wore their VIEWS or REVENGE hats out, while others packed T-shirts and long-sleeve shirts into large plastic bags. The shop exclusives, an OVO Sound basketball jersey and basketball shorts, were also bought up. Even when Drake should lose out to his contemporaries on something, he just doesn't.

Dad Hats - $35
REVENGE Basketball Shorts - $40
T-Shirts - $45
Fitted Hats - $50
Long Sleeve T-Shirts - $55
VIEWS Hoodie - $65
OVO Sound Jersey - $85
REVENGE Jacket - $95
OVO Baseball Jersey - $205
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