Free Tickets for Back In Black and Fan Halen

Fan Halen

We have been given a handful of tickets to tonight's Fan Halen/Back In Black show at the House Of Blues to give away. Hurry up and come grab a few while they last. The Aqua-Net stench isn't too overpowering as of this posting so we should have a few left for you. Come get them at 1621 Milam, Suite 100, until 6 p.m.

When we looked up Van Halen tribute act Fan Halen, we were delightfully surprised. For one, they don't seem to do any Van Hagar songs. And two, their David Lee Roth looks and sounds remarkably like David Lee Roth. Hell, even their version of Michael Anthony is dead-on. But that probably isn't a feat unto itself. Just give a fat dude a custom Jack Daniels bass guitar and throw him a tab book and he should be good.

As for Back In Black, they aren't so bad. All you really need is a school boy outfit and a scally cap and anyone can have an AC/DC cover band. But we would much rather have our very own local and homegrown tribute act Brian's Johnson any day. Nothing says love like a couple of dudes from Bowel, 30 Foot Fall and Slag belting out "Hell 's Bells" at Walter's.

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Craig Hlavaty
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