Meet the 2012 HPMA Showcase Nominees: Espantapajaros

Rocks Off reached out to the artists playing this year's Houston Press Music Awards showcase Sunday, August 5, and asked them to introduce themselves. Here's what they sent back.

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Rocks Off: When and where was your first gig in Houston, and how did it go?

Espantapajaros: Houston International Festival 2008. It was a great way for the band to start showcasing its music to the city, and being an international band with international members, a very fitting venue.

RO: What Houston-area venues do you play most often?

E: Fitzgerald's, Mango's, Walter's.

RO: How often do you play in the area?

E: At least once a month, up to 3-4 times a month.

RO: Describe your sound in eight words or less.

E: Thick Rock framework in '60s-inspired psychedelia. (Quoted from Joey Guerra and very fitting)

RO: How did you come up with your name?

E: You'll have to ask Pablo in person and pray for a response. I have not gotten one in four years.

RO: Where would you like yourself or your band to be in one year? Ten years? Forty?

E: Regardless of commercial success or lack thereof, I hope to see the band active. Playing live and recording. It's all that matters.

RO: What is one thing you'd like to do (as a musician) before you pack it in?

E: Nothing. They day I pack it in is the day I die.

Puzzle further over the origins of Espantapajaros' name on the band's Web site, Facebook, Twitter and ReverbNation.

Espantapajaros plays the HPMA showcase 8 p.m. Sunday, August 5 at Phul Court Sports Bar, 1311 Leeland.

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