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Muhammadali Out-Swags Irene & This Week's Earthquakes

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We've all discussed the great Tuesday and Wednesday East Coast and West Coast earthquakes, Hurricane Irene, and the inescapable apocalypse. It's Friday, so it's pretty old news by Internet time standards. It only took a few hours for Tumblr and the rest of this Internet to circulate this totally tasteless Michael J. Fox meme.

While we were searching Twitter for some feedback from the aftermath of the quake, we discovered that the only person who really suffered from any natural disaster this week was Sir Richard Branson, and we're not referring to his disastrous X-Men Sabretooth face. Haaaaay.

Branson's "main home" on his private island caught fire during Hurricane Irene the same day of the earthquakes. Let the record show that this man has at least four houses, and some kind of tiny village (that's what we heard), on that island.

Anyways, now it's heading for the East Coast since the 5.8 magnitude earthquake didn't cause enough damage (it really didn't...see Q-Tip's tweet below.) Those Yankees gotta burn so that Texas can take over the world.

Here are some of our favorite East Coast rapper tweets regarding the quake. It's worth mentioning, since the quake got more tweets than Osama Bin Laden's death and the earthquake in Japan.

Truth be told, though, none of the rappers really gave a shit. What will you be tweeting when the next #natdisast hits?

@HEEMS (Das Racist) ny media actin like a buncha babies right now.

@therealelp (El-P) wow. i just got out of my building cause that bitch was shaking. @therealelp fuck it im getting high. suck it, earth quake.

@asherroth (Asher Roth) "Mother Earth shrugs and we all get evicted" #justsaying

@QtipTheAbstract (Q Tip) NY QUAKE DEVASTATION!!!

@Royceda59 (Royce Da 5'9) The 5.9 earthquake thing is just a coincidence.. Leave me alone aight? Cool...

@Phillyfreezer (Freeway) For any of those worried about the Beard the earthquake did not affect it.

@Timbaland (Timbaland) a earthquake just hit in va. i didnt know wat that was

Swagometer: 5.8

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