Sonidos y Mas

Pitbull's Easy Guide to Spanish Pickup Lines

When Pitbull released "Culo" in 2004, fans who couldn't speak Spanish sang the hook like this: "Da da da lita benenenita tenentremendo...CULO!!" They didn't know what he was saying, and most of them didn't care to find out. It was just fun to scream "CULO!"

Pitbull is the reason that many non-Spanish speakers know that "culo" means "ass" in English. He's the foremost Spanish professor for people who don't want to learn the language, but simply want to master enough phrases to take someone home.

But certain words and phrases in Spanish can mean different things, depending on the connotation. Fortunately for Pitbull's "students," every song has an exclusively sexual connotation, and they all say the same thing: You're sexy, you like to party, so we're going to get down.

His singles are the best thing to happen to white dudes at the club since Haddaway's "What Is Love."

Without further delay, it's time to learn some sexy Spanish pickup lines with Pitbull! A brief forewarning: These are phrases you probably want to avoid using around family, or any public place besides the club. One more thing: These phrases are roughly translated.

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Allison Wagoner