Bruno Mars">

Rocks Off's Rodeo Concert Guide for "Bros":
Bruno Mars

The Rocks Off Rodeo Concert Guide is our annual helpful(?) primer for those of you unsure about your HLSR music choices for the big event at Reliant Stadium.

Date: March 7

Name: Bruno Mars

AKA: "Not that Bruno."

What Kind of Music Is It? Pop fusion.

Have I Heard Any of His Songs? "Grenade," without a doubt. That "lazy" song (called "The Lazy Song," conveniently enough). Also that one about sex being like a pair of dice, or something.

Does He Know What "The Shocker" Is? I'm sure Cee Lo Green clued him in at some point.

Appropriate Controlled Substance(s) for Pre-Show Raging? Cocaine.

Can I Wear My Affliction T-Shirt?. Now now, we don't want to scare the kids.

Will There Be Chicks There? None who will likely be attracted to a bro in an Affliction shirt, alas.

Will We Get into a Fight? You could try to rile up any Police fans in attendance, sure.

Best Song(s) to Leave to Take a Dump? "Marry You," "When I Was Your Man."

Check Out the Show or Stay Home and Watch Tosh.0? Mars is a pretty animated performer, and Tosh's show repeats 500 times a month. Go to the show.

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